Monday, June 3, 2019

Bubbles - Free Kids Activity Idea of the Day

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There is something super special about bubbles.

You can either find them at the dollar store (The Dollar Tree has 12 different kinds!)


You can make your own bubble solution AND wand!

Bubble Solution Recipe 

Mix 1/2 Cup of Dish Soap and
1/2 Cup of Water and
2 teaspoons of Sugar

How to Make a Bubble Wand

Use a pipe cleaner and bend it into a babble wand shape (circle with a stem).  You can also decorate it with beads.  Both you should be able to find at the dollar store.  


Use two straws, stick the ends together so they make an 8 with one side smaller than the other or fold it into a triangle and attach it to another straw for a handle.

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