Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Learn Something New - Kids Free Activity Idea of the Day

Check out some how to videos online or the how to section of the library to learn something new.

There are a ton of ideas of things you might now have even considered.  Here are the move bizarre ones I could find.  Have fun!  Let me know what you decide to How To.

  • How to draw anime, a dog, unicorn, face, nose...
  • How to add or multiply fractions
  • How to eat a pineapple
  • How to fold a shirt
  • How to grow garlic
  • How to hold chopsticks
  • How to improve handwriting or memory
  • How to jump higher
  • How to jump rope
  • How to knit a blanket, scarf...
  • How to make rice
  • How to open a coconut
  • How to organize a closet or your room
  • How to play chess, poker, solitaire, suduko ...
  • How to roll your Rs
  • How to run faster
  • How to sew 
  • How to sing
  • How to solve Rubiks Cube
  • How to whistle
  • How to yodel
  • How to yoyo

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