Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sidewalk Chalk Art - Kids Free Activity Idea of the Day

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Sidewalk chalk is a great outside activity that is also calming.

You can usually find it at the dollar store.  (The Dollar Tree currently sells 3 versions.  One is Crayola, one has a nifty handle letting kids use 3 colors at one time and the other has 20 pieces!)


You can make your own.  The chalk recipes all call for plaster but there is a super simple saidwalk paint recipe that only needs 3 ingredients!  You can have the kids use sticks to paint the sidewalks.

Sidewalk Chalk Recipe

Mix together 1/2 Cup or Cornstarch and
2/3 a Cup of Water and
a few drops of Food Coloring.

Then send the kids outside with some sidewalk chalk today.  When they get tired with freehand drawing try some of these fun games:

Sidewalk Chalk Games

Target practice - have kids draw a bullseye target and use a rock to play.

Letters and numbers practice - have kids practice their writing.  They can write the whole alphabet or even make a hundreds chart.  For older kids they can write words or do math problems.

Make a hopscotch board.

Trace shadows or make outlines of nature objects.

Write a letter to the mailman or neighbors.

Use paper stencils.

Draw a city mat to use with toy cars and trucks.

Draw self portraits.

Make mini golf holes.  You can use sticks as golf clubs and rocks as golf balls. 

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