Saturday, June 22, 2019

Yoga - Kids Free Activity Idea of the Day

Yoga is great exercise and can be lots of fun too.  Kids love all of the nifty poses and it can be done outside in the grass or inside on some carpeting or towels.

Here are some free websites focusing on poses good for kids. 

Kids yoga stories shares more than 50 positions.

Yoga journal has 20 poses for kids.

Childhood 101 introduces calm down yoga for kids including poses aligned to help kids be strong (surfing), kind (a tree), brave (skiing), friendly (a dog) and wise (an owl).

Flow and grow kids yoga tells you how to explain each pose to kids.

Also check out Cosmic Kids Yoga which has lots of kids themed videos such as Pokemon, Wizard of Oz, Frozen, Moana and lots more.

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