Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Home Remedies for Anxiety

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There are many things that can trigger anxiety in children such as pressures from school, expectations from adults or even changes in life that are just a part of growing up.  Here are some home remedies to help your child when he or she is feeling anxious.

Blowing Bubbles - Children can learn deep breathing skills by blowing bubbles. Have your child  focus on how they breathe when creating a big bubble and how it can help their body feel more relaxed and help them to not feel so worried. 

Write them down - To help your child identify and discuss his or her worries, have them write them down instead of keeping them bottled up inside which can lead to even more difficulties.  You can then discuss them and even revisit them showing how most worries never even happen.  Or tear them up and throw them away to help them feel more in control over their worries.

Calming Box - Find items that help your child calm down such as stuffed animals, squishies, music, books or other items and place them in a box so they can visit them as needed.

Exercise - Whether doing some yoga, jumping on a trampoline, playing in a park or simply going for a walk can help your child clear their minds.

Hug it out - A long hug can help comfort your child in the moment and restore calm. Whisper loving messages to reassure your child.

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