Friday, September 13, 2019

Home Remedies for Colicky Babies

Colicky babies often cry for more than 3 hours a day, for 3 or more days a week for 3 weeks or more for no discernible reason and no amount of feeding or cuddling seems to help.  The exact cause of colic is not known.  It has been attributed to reflux, lactose intolerance, gas, overstimulation, and moodiness. It begins at around 2 weeks of age and disappears by 4 months.

Here are some home remedies to try and help your baby:

Stomach Position - Try the football hold.  Position your baby with its body along your forearm, stomach down, and cheek in your hand and rock back and forth.

Diet - Try eliminated certain allergens from your diet if you are nursing, such as dairy, peanuts and wheat.

Formula - There are several formulas designed to reduce colic.

Reduce Gas - Try bottles designed to reduce bubbles and air during feedings.  You can also try to burp your baby throughout the feedings.  

White Noise - This has been said to create an atmosphere similar to the womb.  Running a vacuum cleaner or putting the radio between stations to play static can create this crinkly sound.  Soft music may also help.

Swaddling - Another way to try and recreate the feeling of the womb is to wrap baby up in a light blanket.  Here are some images for swaddling techniques.

Motion -  Try walking around with your baby in a baby carrier. The warmth and rhythm may be soothing.  You can also try holding and rocking baby or put it in a swing or stroller.

Warm Bath - Place a warm (not hot) washcloth on baby's tummy or give it a warm bath.

Tummy and back rubs 

Dim the lights - to help limit visual stimulation

Talk to your doctor - Keep in touch with your doctor who can help you with ideas and reassurance. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed take a break and call a friend or family member.  You can leave the baby safely in the crib. 

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