Thursday, October 24, 2019

Halloween Drinks - Wacky Halloween Candy

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Let's not forget about liquid candy. Snoopy and Woodstock are dressed as mummies for Halloween and dress up for this special mummy cocoa.  It appears to be just regular cocoa with a super cute design.

I am not sure if this is meant for Halloween but Kidsmania has fizz candy soda featuring Sprint lemon / lime drink, Loca Cola, Crash orange and Splash grape.  They are not drinks but mini cans that look like drinks filled with tiny carbonated candies.
Mtn Dew VooDEW soda is a devilishly delicious new mystery flavor to help you get into the spirit of Halloween early. Limited edition for the Halloween 2019 season, can you guess the mystery flavor? The neutral white color of this spooky soda gives nothing away.
The "healthiest" of all of the Halloween drinks.  The Kool Aid Ghoul-Aid Jammers Scary Berry features 100% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C, 55% less sugar than leading regular sodas, and only 30 calories per serving.

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