Friday, November 8, 2019

Capsule Chix Ultimix - Toys 2.0

What it is:

There is a lot going on with this toy.  First off the box turns into one of those boxy vending machines you see at the front of stores.  Turn the dial and a cartridge pops out with a piece of a doll inside.  The pieces then fit together to make the dolls.  Some pieces are fabric and some are plastic.  You can mix and match to make lots of different dolls.


The box adds a cool twist since you can easily just open one item at a time and use it as a reward system.  It is also nifty how all of the pieces mix and match so you can play and replay and reconfigure new dolls again and again.  This takes unboxing toys to a new level.  The biggest complaint is all of the plastic you end up throwing away. 

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