Friday, November 8, 2019

Tamagotchi On - Toys 2.0

What it is:

Tamagotchi On is a virtual pet inside an egg shaped keychain. You take care of it by feeding it, cleaning up after it, helping it make friends, giving it a pet of its own, taking it shopping, letting it travel the world and more.  Each version comes with its own land and creatures.

Adding on to this is that your pet can get married and have a child of its own. 

You can also have it visit other Tamagotchis on different devices.  They can go on play dates, give gifts, travel together and marry. 


The biggest complaints are that you need to have a friend who has one or buy 2 to unlock everything and the battery gets used up really quickly.  Besides that there is a lot offered with this little device.  The best part is the whole storyline that gets created by the little pet.  It is very easy to learn since there are only 3 buttons.  It's like a super mini sized video game. 

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