Saturday, December 14, 2019

101 Super Easy Elf on a Shelf Ideas

If you are running out of Elf on a Shelf ideas or just looking for some new ones here are some of the simplest ideas I could find.  Let me know what you favorite ones are.

Also, remember you can get cute stuffed elfs at the Dollar Tree.

If you are new to the Elf game: "The magical Scout Elves help Santa manage his naughty and nice lists by taking note of a family’s Christmas adventures, and reporting back to Santa at the North Pole nightly," according to the official Elf on the Shelf website. "Each morning, the Scout Elf returns to its family and perches in a new spot, waiting for someone to spot them."  Each morning, your child awakens to find the family's personal elf in a new place, often doing something funny or mischievous.  Here are some ideas of what the elf can be doing:

1. Sipping on some cocoa.
2. Napping in a box of tissue.
3. Eating a candy cane.
4. Hiding in the refrigerator with a dish towel blanket wrapped around him.
5. Making a snow angel in a pile of sugar.
6. Writing a message out of cereal.  Keep it simple such as "be good."
7. Reading a book.
8. Toilet papering the Christmas Tree.
9. Hiding in a plant.
10. Wrapping presents.
11. Riding in a shoe train.  Line all of the shoes up and stick the elf in the front.
12. Playing a board game.
13. Making paper snowflakes.
14. Taking a marshmallow bath.  Place a bunch of marshmallows in the sink and stick the elf in the middle.
15. Watching TV.  Set him next to the remote and give him a little bowl of popcorn.
16. Wrapped up in wrapping paper.
17. Wrapped up in toilet tissue on top of the toilet.
18. Tucked into bed.
19. Hanging with the other stuffed animals.
20. Squishing toothpaste onto the kid's toothbrush.
21. Playing video games.
22. Making cookies.
23. Sitting above the stockings having replaced them with underwear.
24. Outside the front or back door trying to get back in.
25. Hanging in the chandelier.
26. Hiding in a stocking.
27. With the camera taking photos.
28. Coloring with a coloring book.
29. Riding on the vacuum cleaner.  This is even better with a roomba.
30. Sliding down a box.  Lean a box on an angle and have the elf on a piece of cardboard sliding down.
31. Talking on the phone.
32. In the middle of a toilet paper roll that is going down the stairs and has been partially unrolled.
33. Hugging Barbie or another doll or stuffed animal.
34. In a pile of stickers with stickers all over his body.
35. Wrapping the tree in tin foil.
36. Drawing faces on fruit.
37. Playing with Legos.
38. Stuffed in a sock in the sock drawer.
39. Dressed up in doll clothes.
40. Hiding in the tree.
41. Reading the Christmas cards.
42. Riding the train under the tree.
43. Zipping up backpacks.
44. Setting up the silverware for breakfast
45. Untying shoes.
46. On top of the tree.
47. In the manger.
48. Stuck in the blinds.
49. Hanging from the top of a shade.
50. On top of a ceiling fan set on low.
51. On top of a paper airplane.
52. Acting as a book end.
53. On the computer writing a letter to Santa.
54. Stuck in a slinky falling from the top of the stairs.
55. Playing scrabble with the tiles spelling "be good."
56. In the microwave surrounded by popcorn.
57. In the car at the wheel.
58. With his head in a bag of candy.
59. On top of a stack of cans with its hand in a basket of candy.
60. On top of a pyramid of cans.
61. On the edge of the sink having pooed chocolate chips.
62. Blowing bubble gum (a pink balloon next to gum wrappers).
63. Looking at toy ads.  You could even give it a crayon and have some of them circled.
64. Doing a jigsaw puzzle.
65. Caught in Christmas lights
66. Sliding down the railing.
67. Tied to the string of a balloon up in the air.
68. Eating a candy cane.
69. Climbing a bow wall.
70. Surrounded by a bunch of crumbled white paper balls with a sign saying "snowball fight."
71. Standing up with its legs in two tubes of wrapping paper stuffed into boots.
72. Sitting on top of the toilet paper roll with some of it pulled out and cut into snowflakes.
73. At the printer with printouts of pictures of himself.
74. Holding on to the plunger that is in the toilet.
75. Playing a toy or real instrument.
76. Having a tea party with other toys.
77. In the doll house.
78. Having eaten a piece of fruit and leaving the pit.
79. On top of a box of tissue with one in its hand and a bunch of crumpled up ones scatters around.
80. Cleaning.  On top of a cleaner holding a tiny piece of paper towel.
81. Setting the table.
82. Eating pet food with a sign saying yuck.
83. Making the grocery list.
84. Rolled up in ribbon.
85. Peeking into the gift bags.
86. Solving Math problems.
87. Having stuck bows all over the room.
88. Clipping coupons.
89. Dusting.
90. Listening to Christmas songs with headphones.
91. Sorting socks.
92. Building a block tower.
93. Playing cards.
94. Swinging from an ornament.
95. In the car with its seat belt on.
96. Floating in the tub on a bath toy.
97. Riding a stuffed animal with a parade of animals behind it.
98. Making breakfast with Christmas candy poured into a pan and the elf on the handle with a spoon in its hand.
99. Hanging in mistletoe.
100. In the wreath.
101. Washing toy cars with a sponge.

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