Saturday, December 7, 2019

Free Holiday Experience Gifts

A Winter Walk

You know how Anna gives Elsa the perfect day in Frozen Fever?  Plan a holiday inspired winter walk, but instead of giving gift after gift, create a story line.  Tell your child about the landmarks you pass and how they help with the holidays and winter. 

For example:
- This tree is the protector tree and make sure all of the animals nearby are ready for the winter cold.  - This rock is the magic rock and if an animal is cold it will gently warm to help ease it's discomfort.
- This building hides a secret family of elves.  They help Santa learn about all of the kids in the neighborhood.
- This house is where the original gingerbread man was made. 

Your kids will remember it and cherish it. 

A Visit to see Santa

Many malls and stores have special events where kids can meet and get a photo with Santa and several this year are even giving gifts.

Bake Cookies

Cookies are the perfect treat for the holidays.  Share a favorite recipe or find a new one and make the cookies together.  You can then either package them as gifts from your child to special friends and family members or eat them yourselves or leave them for Santa.

Movie Night

There are lots of wonderful holiday movies.  Have a movie night and either watch one of your favorite classics or discover a new movie. 

Make an Ornament

It can be as simple as a picture hanging from a string to a more elaborate craft.  Make sure to include your child's age on the back or bottom.  


There are many volunteer organizations that allow children to help.  Check with your local officials or library for ideas. 

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