Monday, December 16, 2019

Free Things to do on Christmas Day


1. Take a winter walk.
2. Play some football.
3. Make a snowman.
4. Sing carols.
5. Go sledding.
6. Have a snowball fight.
7. Roast chestnuts by the fire.
8. Play a board game.
9. Write a holiday play and act it out.
10. Play charades.
11. Skype or Facetime friends and family that are far away.
12. Write thank you notes.
13. Volunteer.
14. See the Christmas lights.
15.Watch a movie.
16. Make a special recipe.
17. Make a Christmas craft.
18. Read Christmas stories aloud.
19. Coloring.
20. Make hot cocoa.
21. Look at old photo albums.
22. Work on a scrap book.
23. Listen to holiday music.
24. Make photo frames.
25. Take a winter drive.
26. Select toys to donate.
27. Cut paper snowflakes.
28. Take a family Christmas photo.
29. Create decorations.
30. Read Christmas cards aloud.
31. Track Santa.
32. Watch old home movies.
33. Take turns saying thank you.
34. Go on a Christmas scavenger hunt.
35. Tell stories of favorite Christmas Memories.

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