Monday, March 25, 2019

15 Fun and EASY April Fools Day Pranks

April Fools day is just one week away.  Here are some fun and super easy ways to get the kids.

1. Freeze a bowl of cereal for breakfast - The kids won't be able to scoop it up!

2. Stuff toilet paper into their shoes - But make sure it is just in the toes so they cannot see it.  You can write April Fools on the tissue. 

3. Cover the remote sensor with tape or remove the batteries.  On the tape or inside the battery compartment you can write April Fools!.

4. Replace the phone with a banana.  You can even write the April Fools into the banana.

5. Block the shampoo spout with tape.

6. Switch the cereals.  Fill a box of their favorite cereal with something that is definitely not their favorite.

7. Two words: food coloring.  Think of all the possibilities!

8. Stick googly eyes on all of their school supplies in their backpack and if they bring their lunch even better.  This way you can get them at school.

9. Change the clocks.

10. Make jello juice or mac and cheese powder orange juice.

11. Make brown Es for dessert.  You can even ask them what size they want. 

12. Place a helium balloon ... in the toilet.

13. Tell the kids you bought them an eye pad.

14. Replace Cheetos with carrots.

15. If you have more than one child, switch their underwear while they sleep.  This is especially fun if you have girls and boys. 

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