Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Tylenol Infant Settlement: Free $15 Check if You Qualify

If you purchased at least ONE Tylenol Infant Product between October 3, 2014 and January 6, 2020 you may be entitled to get back up to a $15.05 check from this Tylenol Infant Settlement.

Complete the form by April 13, 2020  to submit your claim.

This settlement is about how they made it seem like this was a different formula from Children’s Tylenol, yet it was the same and charged more.

There is no proof of purchase necessary to obtain settlement benefits, but please do not fill it out if you never purchased these products to qualify.  It is against the law to fill out the form if you do not qualify.

You can claim up to seven products without proof of purchase ($2.15 per product) and you can opt for either a PayPal payment or Amazon gift card instead of a check.

Fill out the form and find more information at

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