Thursday, January 14, 2021

$4.48 Munchkin Letters and Numbers Bath Toys (regularly $7)

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Amazon has the Munchkin Letters and Numbers Bath Toys on sale for $4.48 (regularly $6.99).

Little ones love to learn and bathe - so why not extend teaching to the tub for double the fun? This set of 36 floating letters and numbers comes in six fun colors, clings to bathroom walls when wet, and provides endless opportunity for bathtime learning. You can help your child identify the alphabet, learn to count, spell simple words or group by color.

Recent reviewers said:

These are so fun, my son loves them! They were a gift to us and then I recently purchased these for a friends child. He stays so busy in the bath and our favorite game is to name anything that begins with the letter he pulls from the water. When it's bath time, he runs to get his letters and dumps them in the water. I have never noticed a smell and they all stick to the wall just fine. 

Very pleased with the quality of these bath ABC’s & #’s for my Son to be creative & educated while he plays during his bath. Once emerged with water they nicely stay/hold perfectly on the tub wall. The colors are solid & a nice variety in learning the shades of colors. They haven’t established any unwanted residue once play time was over. They dried nicely in the toy basket after each use. When I decided it was time for a quick washing it was an easy process. I purchased a set for my nephew as these were a delight & durable. I’ve had them for nearly a year & they are still full of much play time to come. For what I paid the quality I received was wonderful. Highly recommend! 

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