Thursday, December 31, 2020

$5.92 Wonder Forge Jurassic Park Memory Game (regularly $10)

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 Amazon has the Wonder Forge Jurassic Park Memory Game on sale for $5.92 (regularly $9.99).

It's the classic game of picture matching with a Jurassic park, dinosaur takeover. Take turns flipping over the colorful tiles to reveal fan favorites like Blue, Stiggy, T-Rex, triceratops, and more. For an added layer of fun, turn off the lights to see glow-in-the-dark outlines of the dinosaurs. Pick up the most matching pairs to win. 

Recent reviewers said:

My four year old LOVES this game. It's a standard "memory" matching game, nothing new or special about it from that point of view. But she watches the show a lot, so she knows all the characters and vehicles. The set comes with a LOT of pairs, enough that it takes the two of us 15-20 minutes of flipping cards to complete the game. But then again, I'm old and can't remember what I had for breakfast, so there's that. My daughter regularly beats me even when I'm really trying.

The cards are thick cardboard, well made and colorful. Highly recommended as a cheap, simple form of entertainment with your kid.  

My 3 yr old has always loved dinosaurs and recently has gotten into matching games. So it's not a surprise that he absolutely adores this game. There are lots of game pieces so we play with a subset of the matches. The price was very reasonable and it even glows in the dark which he thinks is cool. However since the game pieces spend most of their time in a dark box they aren't ready to glow right away and need to sit out in the light at first. But still, great game and great value.  

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