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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Gross Zuru Smashers Series 2 Review

These are eyeballs that you smash open to get to the collectible figure inside.  There are more than 100 figures for kids to collect.  Some of the figures are even glow in the dark.  There is also an app so you can interact with the creatures and get points.   

You are supposed to be able to rebuild them so you can resmash the eyeball and they even give directions, but this is near impossible to do and it is very frustrating even trying. 

Overall it is a fun toy but the fun is over really quickly.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Mermal Magic Review

Like regular Hatchimal CollEGGtibles but even more fun.

The Mermal Magic has a lot of great new features.

They are similar to regular Hatchimal CollEGGtibles in that they come in a case which you need to break (or hatch) by rubbing the purple heart until it turns pink.

Different in that these creatures come in a glitter shell (rather than an egg) and have fish and sea creature features such as fins and mermaid tails.  Some also have accessories like surf boards and floaties.

There are even some that look like crabs, fish and seahorses and they are a lot more colorful.

Once they are hatched place them in warm water to see their special features change colors.  To change them back either put them in cold water or just let them dry. 

Overall I think these are better than the regular Hatchimals since they are more interactive and the fun is no longer just hatching them.