Saturday, September 1, 2018

Free and Unique Fall Scavenger Hunts

One great and free way to spend some time with the kids as a family is a scavenger hunt.  It gets the kids outdoors and thinking about nature.  Here are some of the best ones I have found.  I tried to find different themes so you can try a few of them.

Edventures with kids has a Leaf Math Scavenger Hunt with different levels for different ages.  Including matching colors and sort the leaves, counting them by color, adding them all the color groups together, graphing them and finding percentages, the median, mean and mode.

PBS has a leaf color wheel printable for kids to start learning about color and art.

CBC shares several sensory fall scavenger hunts that are listed by pictures.  Section include items to find, look for, listen to, smell and feel..

Racheous also has a sensory scavenger hunt to get kids exploring with their senses.  She breaks up the items by touch (something spiky, smooth, stinky...), by sound (find a bird, insect...), and sight (something bright, tiny, colorful...)

The Educators spin on it has a multi-part scavenger hunt where she first has the kids collect 10 large leaves.  Next, she and the kids write the numbers 1 to 10 on them.  Next she hides them for the kids to find again.  Once all 10 are found they place them in order. 

Rhythm of play has a signs of autumn scavenger hunt to get kids tuned in with nature's cues and clues and get them to discover and recognize these concepts on their own.  She includes questions such as what does the weather feel like? How does the air smell?  How is the sun shining?  The nice thing about this one is you can do it on several days to compare and experience how nature is changing.

For more traditional hunts check out Wonder mom wanna be and Moritz fine designs which feature the usual items such as acorns, pumpkins, and pine cones. 

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