Monday, May 20, 2019

The Top 10 Weirdest Shopkins

Peta Plunger is an ultra rare Cleaning & Laundry Shopkin from Season Two.

Peta Plunger: Totally fearless! He will plunge head first into the yuckiest situation to clean your drain! Oh Yes! Suck-cess!

Why this is weird: Playing with a toilet plunger just seems weird on so many levels.
Jiggly Jelly is a common Sweet Treats Shopkin from Season Four.

Jiggly Jelly: can be a little wobbly on her feet but a real mover on the dance floor!

Why this is weird: What jelly is yellow and green?
Snug Ugg is a common Shoes Shopkin from Season Three.

Snug Ugg: Wooly warm hearted and a little sheepish! Loves the cold weather.

Why this is weird: Did Uggs pay for this?  And if yes, how much?
Edgar Eggcup is a rare Homewares Shopkin from Season Four.

Edgar Eggcup: A real Egg Head who loves cracking yolks, but sometimes ends up with egg on his face!

Why this is weird: Do kids even know what an egg cup is?
Bart Beans is a common Pantry Shopkin from Season Two.

Bart Beans: Always bubbly and full of beans! I'll always come to your aid, no matter where I've bean!

Why this is weird: Meet the Shopkin that farts.  Wonder if he is friends with Peta?

Googy is a common Dairy Shopkin from Season One.

Googy: Clumsy and shy. They're always trying to get me to come out of my shell.

Why this is weird: What's the deal with its name?

Scoopy Two is an exclusive Shopkin from the Food Fair range. She is included in the Cool & Creamy Collection.

Why this is weird: Does anyone else feel bad for Scoopy One?  (or is it just me?)
Teena Catfood is an ultra rare Petshop Shopkin from Season Four.

Teena Catfood: Fishy, fussy and always has a tail to tell! The pawfect guest to have for dinner.

Why this is weird: This poor Shopkin does not even like herself.  She is forever in a state of disgust.
Taylor Rayne is a rare Hats Shopkin from Season Three.

Taylor Rayne: A little wet behind the ears, but very loyal. She'll always cover for you!

Why this is weird: She looks like a mushroom. 
Garlic Rose is a common Fruit & Veg Shopkin from Season Two.

Garlic Rose: A strong seasoned performer. My name is always on the tip of their nose!

Why this is weird: Why is she so sad?

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