Thursday, December 5, 2019

Low Cost and Meaningful Kids Gifts for the Holiday

Make the holidays more special by giving low cost yet meaningful gifts to kids.  Here are some ideas.  Let me know what you think and please share your ideas in the comments.

One of your favorite childhood books - Give your child either a copy you kept throughout the years, find a low cost version at the thrift store, or even find a free online version.  Spend the evening cuddling and reading together while you introduce your child to one of your favorite stories.

A photo of your family from the past year - Either a special occasion photo or just a day where you caught a picture.  Kids love having photos of their own.  Visit the dollar store to put it in a special frame or even make a frame together with your child.

Their favorite meal - Give them a certificate to have you cook their favorite meal for the family. 

A letter - We tell our kids we love them every day, but we never think to write it down.  Write a letter to your child about how much you love them addressing all of the milestones from the past year. 

An art box - Kids can make art out of anything.  Collect a box full of toilet paper rolls, colorful plastic lids, pop tabs, pine cones and other objects.  Supplement it with markers and glue from the dollar store and let them create something special.

A memory book - Buy a blank notebook from the dollar store and give it to your child.  Tell them you will complete the book together either daily, weekly or monthly of all of the special moments that happen throughout the year.

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